Do You Keep Submitting Your Resume Without Landing the Interview?

Your resume's one job is to land you the interview.

If you're like most vets, you've worked on your resume for years - but still don't have a resume that routinely lands you interviews.

You can build that resume this weekend.

Why is this online course excellent for both vets who have already spent years working on their resume and for those just starting out?

When you enroll in 5 Star Resumes for Vets, you'll receive lifetime access to: 

35 On-demand video lessons that will get you strategizing and building right away, including:

   Ch. 1 Success & Expectations
   Ch. 2 Ingredients of 5 Star Resumes
   Ch. 3 Appearance Matters, Even for Resumes
   Ch. 4 Building the Foundation of a 5 Star Resume
   Ch. 5 Telling A Story That Grabs Your Resume Reader
   Ch. 6 Translating From "Military" Into English
   Ch. 7 Becoming Your Future Employer’s Solution By Highlighting Your Strengths
   Ch. 8 Polishing Your Resume Until It Shines
   Ch. 9 Exporting & Sharing Your Resume
   Ch. 10 More Bonus Content

9 Cheatsheets and checklists to eliminate errors and highlight your strengths, including:

   Course Outline Cheat Sheet
   Seek & Destroy Checklist
   Formatting Cheat Sheet
   Your Skills & Experience Worksheet
   Translation Checklist
   Translation Cheat Sheet
   Verbs for Military Resumes Cheat Sheet
   John's First Resume
   John's New Resume Template   

6 BONUS Videos showing you how you can implement strategies taught in this course immediately, including:

   One Vet's Resume: Before & After Working with John
   John Identifying Errors and Distractions in a Resume
   Examples of Great Resumes
   Strategies for Simplifying Your Resume
   John Tailoring a Resume for a Specific Job
   John Revising and Reworking One Vet's Resume

Customized Feedback and Strategies for your Resume from the Course Creator:

While you are building your resume or after you have finished, John will answer your questions, review what you have written, help you translate your skills and experience, and/or brainstorm with you to ensure you are building the resume that presents the very best version of yourself.

About Your Instructor

John Rafferty hunted submarines as a Naval Officer on a warship while stationed in Japan and California. In the Arabian Gulf, John ensured US and UK minesweeping ships had their logistical and munitions needs met. Leaving the Navy as a Lieutenant, John received a full scholarship to law school and after law school, receiving a Fulbright Fellowship from the U.S. State Department to conduct field research in South America. John currently practices as a private attorney outside of Philadelphia.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why would I pay tuition when the VA and other programs offer resume support for free?

Before any vet registers for 5 Star Resumes for Vets, he or she should take full advantage of every free program available to him or her, including those offered by Transition Assistance Programs, local VA's, and non-profits that support veterans. Sometimes however, vets find that they get-what-they-paid-for in these free programs; or they find that although resume templates are shared, there's little strategic advice given. Sometimes vets find that no one is interested in helping them translate their experience and skills from military into English. The results from vets who work with John (see message) tend to speak for themselves.

How long does the course, 5 Star Resumes for Vets take to complete?

The 41 videos in this course (Lessons + Bonus videos) total approximately five hours. However, the 9 Cheatsheets and Checklists you receive access to when you register for this course should take several additional hours to review, complete and use for brainstorming. Finally, the most-important part of this course is the resume-building work itself, which would take most people anywhere from two to eight hours to complete. If used as your guide while you build your next resume, this course will probably take you two days to complete. That's why it's an excellent choice if you're committed to completing the resume you'll love over the course of a weekend.

Is this instruction live or pre-recorded?

The video instruction in this course is pre-recorded and on-demand, which means you are free to move through it at your own pace. Whether you finish it in a day, a weekend or a month makes no difference - quality is what's important.

How much individual support can I expect from John while enrolled in this course?

John is committed to helping you build a resume that presents you in the best-possible light and that you cannot wait to share with future employers. Because John permits only a limited number of students to enroll in the course when registration opens, John will make himself available to you via phone, email, or video chat as often as necessary until all of your questions are answered, until all brainstorming is done and until you've received all the feedback you can use.

How helpful is this course for a vet focused on federal resumes?

70% of the material in this course is helpful to any vet building a resume, as it trains vets on principles of effective resume writing and the skills of strategically selecting, translating and describing skills gained in the military for civilian employers. However, the 30% of this course devoted to resume construction is much more applicable to resumes for non-federal employers. Since resume construction for federal resumes is generally a single format, driven in large-part by, time is not spent teaching vets how to build that particular resume format. The principles related to selecting, translating and describing skills, which make up 70% of this course, are equally applicable to federal and non-federal resumes.

Can I use the G.I. Bill to pay for course tuition?

Although this is an option Vets Get Jobs is working hard to make available to vets in the future, using the G.I. Bill to pay for course tuition is not currently an option.

What Are People Saying About John's Resume Instruction?

Course Tuition for 5 Star Resumes for Vets

35 On-demand video lessons

$1,400 value

9 Cheatsheets and checklists

$300 value

6 BONUS Videos

$240 value

Unlimited Feedback from John

$720 value


$2,660 value

The tuition fee while registration remains OPEN is just $797. Registration for this course will CLOSE after the first 5 vets sign-up.

What If the Course Isn't For Me?

Although every vet who enrolls in this course is encouraged to push through the challenging points, take breaks before digging deeper and reach out to John for assistance, sometimes courses just aren't the right fit for some learners. If you find that to be the case after you enroll, just email John. If requested within 14 calendar days of your enrollment, you will receive a FULL REFUND of your course tuition.

I'm Ready to Build a Resume I LOVE and Am EXCITED to Share With Future Employers!